Starling Wines selects a range of strategies for each customer. These are chosen according to individual investor profiles including length of hold, capital investment and risk appetite.

Once your investor profile consultation is complete, Starling Wines then sources and supplies the stock most likely to show the appropriate growth in line with expectations. Our fees are separated from the cost of the wine which allows us to offer complete transparency.

Starling customers benefit from the option of free storage at Vine International, part of the industry-trusted Liv-ex company. This ensures optimum storage conditions, condition photography and an easy exit strategy via the Liv-ex trading platform when needed.

For fully managed accounts we monitor your portfolio throughout the investment term and make appropriate changes to maximise growth. Online portal access is provided to allow customers to view their portfolios at any time.

We advise when to sell. We take an active role in all client portfolios allowing us to maximise returns. You can sell your wines at any stage, regardless of the proposed portfolio term, although we recommend a hold of at least five years to maximise your investment.